Similar to writer’s block, it’s very common to hit a wall when trying to develop creative ideas. Brainstorming is the most common technique used to develop ideas but we recently came across some alternative fun ways to get the creativity flowing.

1. Brain Writing

Start this exercise by having the problem(s) written down. Have your team write down a solution to the problem and pass it amongst each other. Building on each other’s solutions will help spark creativity.

2. Get Artsy

Visual thinking is one of the best ways to trigger creativity and develop new ideas. Like brain writing, this exercise involves team members building on each other’s ideas.

Have each team member create a sketch of an idea they would like to explore further. Each sketch should then be passed to each team member so that they can expand on the sketch. The final products will be reviewed as a group in hopes that new ideas will be discovered.

3. Zero Draft

This is a type of writing to help focus an idea or direction of a project.

  1. Write down all available knowledge on the subject.
  2. What do you need or want to know?
  3. Why is this important?

The answers will look cluttered and unfocused but seeing all of the information laid out will help focus the project and can often spark new ideas.

4. Question Assumptions

It’s a good idea to always challenge what we want and what we think will or will not work. Doing this throughout various stages of a project will ensure it’s on track and will also help spark fresh ideas.

5. Be Imaginative

Ask your team to write down the most unrealistic, unattainable, extreme ideas they can think of. Then as a group, discuss how to break down these ideas so that they are possible. The creative ideas to come out of this process would have otherwise never been discovered.

6. Be a Superhero

Have your team come up with key ways various super heroes would solve the task at hand. How would Wonder Woman position your brand? This is a fun process that is bound to get the creativity flowing.

7. Think out of the box

Bring together ideas that would not normally be paired together. Yes, the result may not make any sense, but there is a chance that a revolutionary idea could be developed. A great example is the Apple watch. One would not normally think to pair a watch and phone together. However, Apple did and created a very valuable device because of it.

To do this, bring a bag of random items that relate to the task or challenge. Have each team member choose one or two items and explore the various ways that they could be connected.

8. Storyboard

Another great way to spark creative ideas is to create a storyboard. Have your team put their ideas on sticky notes. Go through them as a team, laying them out in order creating a storyboard. This will highlight various relationships between components and highlight whether or not the ideas will work.

Break away from always using the same brainstorming techniques and get your team to have some fun. These 8 techniques are bound to result in creative ideas that will help your company succeed and stand out.

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