October 28, 2009

The ‘Nu’ Trends in Sustainable Signage

By Karran Finlay

I was recently speaking with Alex Fiordelmondo (Sales & Marketing Manager for NuTrends), who I met at the CSEME09 show, and we got to chatting about eco initiatives. I was delighted to hear that NuTrends is one of the first sign shops to start going green! It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to start “greening” their supply chains, so I wanted to pass along the great news about NuTrends – an industry example to follow!

NuTrends uses UV inks instead of the hard solvents that damage the ozone. Their inks are designed to sit on the material rather than be absorbed. As a result, they no longer require the use of hard solvents to break down materials in order for the inks to stick. This new process allows materials to be more biodegradable.
NuTrends has also changed their internal practices in order to reduce their carbon footprint. They’ve switched most of their systems over to email based formats (i.e. invoicing, contract agreements, etc.) and are in the process of finalizing a deal with a company that will take their waste (old signage & waste materials) and re-purpose them into sewing thread. In Alex’s words “pretty cool huh?” Yes, very cool! And I couldn’t agree more with Alex’s statement “…it’s not only the products that need to be eco-friendly, but the manufacturing processes and the operational practices that must be sustainable as well”. NuTrends aim to be leaders in a new generation of eco-friendly signage shops…and I think they’re off to a great start!

Here’s a list of green products that NuTrends currently offers:

• Biodegradable/recycled Coroplast (plastic substrate great for events)
• Biodegradable/recycled banners
• Retractable banner stands that are made our of panda safe bamboo
• Sign frames made out of 100% recycled plastic
• A line of eco pens, bags, water bottles and other great corporate eco-gifting options

If you’re interested in contacting NuTrends for your next event, just send Alex an email at alex@nutrends.com. Visit the NuTrends website for more information.

And, if you need someone to plan your next event simply send me an email to KFM: karran@karranfinlaymarketing.com

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