June 14, 2010

Starting a business? Need a website and company email? Don’t worry, Robson’s got your back.

By Karran Finlay Marketing (KFM)

And when we say that Robson’s “got your back”, we mean just that. They set you up with the back end service that gets your site and email up and running. It’s the first step before you build your company website.

Domain Registration

Since starting to work with Robson Communications, we’ve been constantly amazed by their service standards, attention to detail, and their professionalism. It matters how accessible, helpful and intuitive your hosting provider is – and Robson gets that. And they’re Canadian! Based out of Vancouver in fact. So when you find them on Twitter, Facebook or through their website, they truly are there…in person – the real people behind the name – and if you live in Vancouver, you can find them just down the street!

Robson Communications works with many top companies to set up reliably successful service solutions. Robson’s clients (Metris, Ballistic Arts, Pilothouse Media to name a few) can’t say enough about the confidence they have for both the service provided and the security of their data. And as technology changes, they can always rely on Robson to continually upgrade services accordingly. At KFM, we’ve really never heard of a Canadian service provider with a better product offering or set of service standards. Do you want to know more? Take a look at Robson’s “Top 10 Reasons to Choose Robson”. It’s pretty clear that they’re unique in the industry.

If you understand the world of ‘hosted exchange’ and ‘domain hosting’ better than the average Joe (or if you’re just into this stuff like we are), then we welcome you to check out this recent article that delves a little further into why Robson Communications is so awesome: Robson’s Dedicated and Managed Hosting

Questions? Give Robson Communications a call at 604-576-8150 or email info@robsoninc.com. Or feel free to give us a shout at KFM at 604-734-4223.

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