July 5, 2010

Food Fashion and Sweet Style

By Karran Finlay, Marketing Director @ KFM

Dessert Girl's High Fashion Candy

Yes, it is awesome when food becomes fashion – especially if it’s dessert. This isn’t a new trend, but it’s certainly one of my favourites so I’m officially announcing today as ‘write about dessert and fashion day’. So, now that it’s official, I’ll tell you about who’s wearing dessert well and why.

First up is the ‘Sweet Charity event that took place last month at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington.

Gumdrops and chocolate accessories - delicious fashion trend.

The event was hosted by the Heart of America Foundation and Albert Uster Imports, a Swiss food company. The annual charity event highlights the foundation’s “Books From the Heart” program, which provides books for Children living in poverty. Unfortunately I can’t share how much was raised for the program (because I don’t know) but around 900 people attended the event, so I’d like to think that it was a success. If you take a look at the photo above, you’ll see that stylists have accessorized the model with gumdrops and chocolate – and it doesn’t look half bad! (I admit that there’s no way I could strut my stuff on the catwalk without taking a bite.) This is good example of “food fashion” incorporated into an event (has anyone else come up with the term “food fashion”, can I claim it?)

Next up – ‘dessert girl’. She’s got really sweet style and she looks nice. I would definitely buy ice cream from her, maybe even the cherry flavour – although it’s not really my favourite.

High Fashion Dessert Girl and some delicious ices!

What I love about this ‘sweet style’ and the blog that I found it on (Dessert Girl) is that the images really pop (they’re fun to look at and are of good quality) and a true sense of style is portrayed. Dessert Girl highlights excellent examples of sweets being used as props – which I love reading about for event and marketing ideas. Take, for example, her “High Fashion Candy” post where she shows us that bold colour + pretty woman + big hubba-bubble = awesome picture. I could totally use this idea at a fashion event to add a bit of fun and sass.

And keeping in theme, I didn’t want to leave you without a link on how YOU can dress like dessert. Just visit this post on “Trend de la Crème” and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

Trend de la Crème's "How to Dress Like Your Favourite Dessert"

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