September 2, 2010

A Glimpse into the Monster Ball…

By Anna Louie, KFM Events Intern Extraordinaire

Stefani Germanotta, a.k.a. Lady Gaga brought her Monster Ball tour to the Rogers Arena on August 23 & 24, 2010. Two years ago Lady Gaga was just another up and coming singer with a weird and unusual style. Now she’s known for her powerful voice, her signature fashion sense and her innovative style.

The concert was radiating with energy, even bringing the usual laissez-faire Vancouver concert goers to their feet. She dazzled her fans with dozens of costume changes, dramatic stage sets, dancers and a powerful voice dethroning the fallen “Princess of Pop” Britney Spears, who lip synced most of her concert last year in Vancouver. Ouch!

Many Gaga fans arrived wearing a blonde or pink wig from her “Paparazzi” video, pop can curlers or event “caution tape” from her “Telephone” video, and many were dressed in sparkle or sequin outfits.

The night began with a rendition of “Dance in The Dark”; making her “Little Monsters” wait for her reveal, only seeing her silhouette behind a white-lit screen.

From there the stage backgrounds changed an incredible amount of times. The first was a New York City styled musical with neon flashing lights and a broken down cab, then to a disco-pop stage with subway car. That one flipped to a flaming piano during her tribute song to her father “Speechless” (very cool), and then again to a darker forest set (that reminds you of a scene from a Tim Burton movie), with the final stage wowing the audience with an oversized mechanical monster with tentacles and piercing yellow eyes. The Fame Monster ended the show with her spinning in a giant gyroscope singing one of her top hits “Bad Romance”. Very impressive.

The Monster Ball concept was created to be a place where you could be free to express your individuality and be free from judgment and ridicule. Every show donates $20,000 to support homeless children in the LGBT community. A lucky fan selected from the audience said it best; “Lady Gaga is an inspiration to all those who are different and feel as though we don’t fit in; she inspires us to embrace our qualities and be proud of who we are.”

Photo Credit: Anna Louie

Photo Credit: Anna Louie

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