November 13, 2010

Internal Marketing

Sometimes marketing isn’t about creating a campaign to attract the consumer as much as it is a tool for inspiring loyalty and enthusiasm within a company.

Getting the most out of your employees can be just as effective, if not more, then spending thousands of dollars to attract new customers. If your employees are passionate and hard working, customers will usually follow as a result.

Having a team that strongly believes in your company can be a very rewarding and powerful formula – a formula for success, and everyone can feel proud of what they’ve accomplished.

There are many ways to build an internal marketing campaign, and what you choose to create will also be somewhat dependant on the size of your company…but here are a few examples we’ve come across recently:

CASE STUDY: ‘Project ‘Buddy’ runner up for Best internal marketing campaign for American Express

CASE STUDY: ‘Name changes and rebrand’ wins Best internal campaign for DPD

And here’s a list of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2011 – another good example of employee focused initiatives that build company success.


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