February 2, 2011

Keep your eye on the ball! We’re into round three…

We’re into round three of the FIND THE YELLOW SNOWBALL® Contest! We love this contest and we’re hearing from our readers that you’re having fun with it too! And we know you’ve got what it takes to win…so give it all you’ve got! New players (or forgetful players) can read the contest details below to find out what to do.

To celebrate 50,000 downloads of SnowRumble: Babybot vs. Monster Factory, Babybot’s giving you a chance to win big! Weekly winners get a set of 3 plush snowballs created by Monster Factory. Find the Yellow Snowball® to win a $500 Babybot gift card! Contest (week 3) is live on Babybot’s Facebook page – browse the album for full details on how to play: Play Babybot IQ

To give you a head start, here are the Babybot IQ questions you’ll need to answer:

Question #1: Name at least one exclusive brand or product to Babybot.

Question #2: Name at least one national or international publication that featured Babybot in 2010.

Question #3: What is the combination of Babybot gift cards that make up $7,925?

Now quickly click to Babybot’s Facebook page to win:

Fun times!

Download Babybot’s FREE iPhone Game SnowRumble: Babybot vs Monster Factory: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/snowrumble-babybot-vs-monster/. Players that beat the challenge levels get promo codes for up to 20% off at Babybot.com. Plus, a Special Edition ‘Colin’ monster is exclusively available through the game. Plus, by rating the game (which you can do even if you don’t have an iPhone), you’ll have a chance to win the Special Edition ‘Colin’ monster! Once the game reaches 50 five-star ratings, Babybot will pick a random five-star reviewer to win! We hear the five-star ratings are already over 40, so get busy!

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