March 9, 2012

Yellow Signal: New Media in China with Wang Jianwei & Kan Xuan

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Yellow Signal: New Media in China with Wang Jianwei & Kan Xuan

Left: Wang Jianwei, Chapter Four: Go to the Conference Room on the 13th Floor for Free Films , 2011, video installation. Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Image courtesy of Wang Jianwei's Studio Right: Kan Xuan, One by One, 2005, video. Image courtesy of the artist

Yellow Signal: New Media in China
Wang Jianwei & Kan Xuan
Guest Curator: Shengtian Zheng
Opening Reception: March 16, 8pm
Exhibition Date: March 17- April 28

Curator’s Talk with Shengtian Zheng: Saturday, March 17 1-3 pm
co-presented with the Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver

Lead Donor: Yu Yu, Urbanova Centre of Art & Design
Support Circle: Jack and Maryon Adelaar, Karen Coflin, Karen Gelmon, Roger Holland, Richard Mew, Michael O’Brian Family Foundation, Bernard Wolfe

Centre A is pleased to present Chinese artists Wang Jianwei and Kan Xuan, guest curated by Shengtian Zheng. Based in Beijing, Wang Jianwei is an internationally acclaimed artist and pioneer of video and multimedia art. He is known for his conceptually complex, multi-faceted explorations of contemporary Chinese life. Kan Xuan is a mid-career woman artist working primarily with video, photography and installation.

At Centre A, Wang Jianwei presents “Go to the Conference Room on the 13th Floor for Free Films” – chapter four of his epic video work “Yellow Signal”, originally presented at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2011). For Centre A, the artist has re-conceived the original work as a four-channel installation. Using elements of theatre, philosophical inquiry, artistic methodology and “scripted accident”, the artist presents us with an obscure and complex world that simulates everyday life.

Kan Xuan presents two video works, “One by One” (2005) and “Nothing!” (2004). “One by One” is a single channel video work using a rotating camera to capture a group of security guards under the sun. The surrounding sounds are common and recognizable ambient sounds of the city. “Nothing” is another single channel video in which an unseen female protagonist responds to her surroundings in a gleeful voice. Using a camera lens as a stand-in for her acutely tuned eye, Kan is creating works with a precise attention to detail, inverting the significance of an object’s scale to give tiny things great attention.

Yellow Signal: New Media in China is the first presentation of these critically-acclaimed works by Wang Jianwei and Kan Xuan in Canada. Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art will launch a special issue on Yellow Signal in May 2012 featuring an in-depth interview with Wang Jianwei by Shengtian Zheng.

Yellow Signal: New Media in China-Wang Jianwei & Kan Xuan, is part of a city-wide exhibition series initiated by Centre A and guest curator Shengtian Zheng. For information of participating Yellow Signal: New Media in China venues and their exhibits, please check the event schedule available on our official website here: Yellow Signal: New Media in China Event Schedule

Centre A gratefully acknowledges the support of all its patrons, sponsors, members, partners, private foundations, and government funding agencies, including the Canada Council for the Arts, the British Columbia Arts Council, and the City of Vancouver through the Office of Cultural Affairs.

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