February 17, 2014

kfm Proof Pudding Recipe

As we begin our descent into the thick of 2014, I’m reminded of something my dad said to me in 2009 while I worked scrupulously at creating my own personal online brand. He said, and I quote, “social media is just a phase and a waste of time!”

These types of comments were never isolated to parental figures but were also mirrored and perpetuated by critics, business owners and theorists alike. Now, as I tweet at my dad to check out the most recent Facebook photos I’ve tagged his work in (he’s an architect)…and he responds with eager likes and an enthusiastic retweet (one that garners high engagement with friends and fans alike), I have no choice but to reply with a sardonic #HowDoThoseWordsTaste – because he, like many others, are eating theirs.

The point of the above anecdote is not really to tell the world that my dad was wrong (even though he was…10 points for me!), but more that social media is here to stay – and my dad, like many other successful business owners, is starting to see the unwavering value created by building a strong social media strategy. Real world connections are made, brand awareness is built, and events and content are leveraged to create conversions, sales and – in a nutshell – ROI.

Let’s be honest though, we will still encounter cynics, but that’s good – it’s exactly that hermeneutics of suspicion that will keep the industry moving forward with demonstrative purpose and innovative drive. And while I could spend hours explaining the benefits of hiring companies like kfm to help solidify a solid social media strategy – the proof is in the pudding as they say i.e. results.

But don’t take it from us..read what our clients have to say! #shamelessselfplug

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