March 13, 2015

To Facebook or not to Facebook

Facebook is changing how they measure likes on your business pages. The result is that after March 12, 2015, pages will likely see a decrease in likes as Facebook will be removing likes from inactive accounts.

While you might hate seeing your fan numbers go down, it won’t negatively affect the reach of your posts or your page activity in any way.

In fact, since other Facebook changes earlier in 2015, most of your active followers still aren’t seeing your posts anyway. Facebook strictly limits how many of your followers actually see your posts unless you pay extra to boost them. This is one of reason many small businesses are starting to explore other platforms.

However, one good thing this recent change will do is make your audience demographic data much more accurate as it will remove a ton of inactive users and give you an accurate view of who likes your page.

The bottom line is that while Facebook is not exactly the asset it used to be, it still has considerable value. But, it’s worth your while to start exploring some other options.

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