June 30, 2015

Top 5 Takeaways from #IMMastery Conference

The Internet Marketing Mastery conference, took place June 26-28, 2015. While there were hundreds of great takeaways, the five below stand out for me.

1. Nurture your ‘Unique Ability’
One thing Dr. Kayvon Khalizadeh spoke of, was making sure you find and nurture your unique ability (be it strategy, ideas, design, math etcetera). Dr. Kayvon left healthcare in search of work that was less taxing on the spirit, and turned to business strategy where he is still able to fulfill his life long goal of helping people. In this sense, Dr. Kayvon embodies this practice; switching gears from doctor, to business strategist takes commitment. I’m pretty good at eating chocolate. What is your unique ability?

2. Collaborate with others in your Industry
Urbanmommies.com founder, Jill Amery made some great points at Internet Marketing Mastery (two of which are on my takeaways list). The first point that really resonated with me was that we need to be collaborating with others in our industry – be open and honest, receptive, inclusive and helpful. Connect, like, retweet! Let’s all work together to progress our industries, innovate and create a culture of success.

3. Know your value
This was another point made by Jill Amery – and it’s something that we hear a lot, but still something that most of us forget occasionally. Know your value! The experience, knowledge and insight you have, has value – and so do you. Don’t settle!

4. F.O.C.U.S 
Follow One Course Until Successful. Nuff said.

5. Find your ‘Prime Times’
We are all good at performing different types of tasks or deliverables at different times – take note of these times and manage your schedule accordingly to maximize efficiency…for example, some of us perform writing tasks more efficiently in the morning, and strategic tasks in the evening; unless completely necessary, stick to our prime times for tasks and activities.


6. Dance like no one is watching
There were some fantastic dancers at #IMMastery…and what better way to stretch out the legs than an impromptu dance off?

Big thanks to Rick Shetty from daddyblogger.com for conceptualizing and producing such a great 3 day conference.

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