August 12, 2015

Experiential Marketing: A Complete Brand Experience

2015-08-12_17-15-07‘Experiential marketing’ is one of those advertising terms that generate a lot of smiles and nods, but not necessarily real understanding. Experiential marketing is all about creating a complete brand experience for your consumer that touches all their senses. I happened to walk right into a great brand experience by Reese’s the other day that got it bang on.

Walking down Cambie Street near Pender, I saw a colourful decked-out Reese’s Spread food truck accompanied by Reese’s girls dressed up in great retro roller girl outfits. They handed consumers their own free golden Reese’s spoon and invited them to try the new Reese’s Spread. The food truck was also grilling up Reese’s Spread-filled paninis for consumers to take with them. 

In that 60 second interaction all my five senses were engaged in a positive way, I was treated like a VIP, given a take-home reminder of the product, and introduced to a new way to enjoy it. And I was fed!  

Positive brand experiences like that go a long way! They’re engaging, personalized and very memorable! 

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