January 26, 2016

Evolving to Meet the Needs of your Consumers

Brand evolution

Consumer research is an important part of ensuring your company’s offerings remain relevant and in demand. As consumer trends and needs change over time, smart brands will tailor their products and marketing strategies accordingly. Here are two case studies of top brands that are changing to meet the needs of customers and staying on top of the market.

Case Study 1 – Sport Chek changes marketing strategy towards women  

Sport Chek is making big gains in the way it reaches female consumers. While previous marketing efforts targeted women mainly as wives, mothers and household shoppers, they are now speaking to female consumers as athletes.  

Previously marketing only to men

sportchek women advertising marketingPreviously, Sport Chek marketing was very male-specific as they did not see women as the point of entry to sport. They thought you couldn’t talk to both men and women at the same time. Unfortunately, for many sporting goods brands it was just common thinking that women weren’t part of the equation.

Why the change

A few years ago research revealed that the market was more segment-driven than gender-driven. Activity, and not gender, was the way to target consumers.

A new marketing language

Sport Chek recognized that the way women and men shop is different. Women love reading, so they found they needed to tell more stories. Social media plays a critical role with women as well, and the way women shop is often influenced by things like social reviews.

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Example 2 – Kelloggs’ new line of cereals and snacks

Kellogg's NourishKellogg Canada is introducing six new cereal and snack products in response to emerging consumer needs and preferences for real flavours and ingredients.

From Dieting to Wellness

Kellogg is trying to shed their reputation as a diet product and redefine themselves as a wellness brand. The four new Special K cereals boast positive nutrition and ingredients the consumer can see in the food.

Mini-Wheats and Pringles too

Kellogg also has a new Mini-Wheats product for address millennial adults that want foods that deliver a balance of nutrition and taste from simple ingredients. The other new addition is the Pringles Salsa Fiesta Flavour.

Original article published here.

The take away

Some companies and products only have a shelf life as long as a current trends. Like flip-phones and Rolodexes. Some companies miss the mark with their marketing strategies. The way to stay relevant is to know your target market, research and evolve.



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