As you have probably heard, Instagram is changing the way in which it displays its photo feed. The site will now be arranging your feed in order of what it thinks you would prefer to see.

What does it mean for businesses?

Up until now, Instagram has arranged the feed in a chronological order. This has been a good thing for businesses as it has been easy to promote their content. This new change of arranging the feed in order of personal preference is bound to have a negative impact on businesses. By encouraging your followers to turn on notifications, you will ensure they get to view your content.

What does it mean for individual users?

This new change is probably going to provide individual users with a more personalized experience. The feed will display photos that Instagram feels you would prefer to see. This means that you will see fewer posts from accounts that you do not regularly engage with.

What does it mean for Instagram?

It is no coincidence that Instagram has announced this change since offering paid advertising through boosted posts. Instagram has probably made this decision to make it more difficult for businesses to show ads without paying for sponsored placement. In short, this change will result in higher revenue for the social media site.

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