We recently welcomed a new furry addition to the KFM team. River, a 3-month old Lab/Border Collie puppy has been spending his workdays wandering around the office looking for the best places to nap.

Right after bringing him home, River’s mom picked up some items at Korna Natural Pet Supplies. A week later, she received a card in the mail that displayed a clever and effective marketing strategy.

Today’s businesses face the constant challenge of staying visible amongst the saturated world of advertising and marketing. This is why it is so important to strategically market your brand towards a target audience, present material that is relevant to them and, if possible, add a personal touch. This is where Korna is standing out.

The card delivered to River’s mom was personally addressed and the inside of the card was hand written and discussed details about the short store visit. It read that it was nice meeting her and her older dogs at the store and impressively mentioned them by name. It also said that they hoped the dogs were enjoying their new brother and that River was enjoying his new food. This is a great example of how direct mail can make a huge impact if personalized.

Marketing Mag recently published an article about engagement with direct mail in Canada, which presents some great marketing opportunities for business.

  1. 74% of Canadians notice advertising in their direct mail. This presents a great opportunity for companies to engage with their audience.
  2. 85% will open mail that looks interesting.
  3. 33% keep the mail that they receive.
  4. 71% share direct mail
  5. 81% will display their mail.

When comparing these stats with the Korna letter, it is clear that they are hitting the mark when it comes to marketing via direct mail. As previously mentioned, one of the hardest parts about engaging with your audience is presenting the material in a way that the recipient will actually read the content.

To achieve this, follow the example of Korna. Present the material in a way that looks personalized and when possible refer to a personal interaction with the recipient. This may either be from a personal interaction or from information gained from their shopping history or social media engagement.

When a business can make members of their target audience feel noticed and important, that is a sign it is on the track to success. It’s been a few weeks since River’s mom received that letter from Korna and it is still displayed in her kitchen, marketing the brand to anyone who visits the home.


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