Working with an influencer can help boost a company’s brand awareness but there are a few rules that should be followed when doing so. According to, many brands try to maintain too much control over the influencer. When an influencer creates content to promote a brand, it’s important to remember that the content belongs to that influencer and therefore they should have some control over how it is used.

Brands should offer guidelines but allow the influencer to control the ways in which they promote the brand. The best scenario is often when both the brand’s team and the influencer work together to develop a way to best showcase a brand. It is natural to be hesitant when allowing someone to take some control over your brand’s marketing. However, if you partner with the right influencer that fits in with your brand, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Three tips for brands working with influencers.

  1. Choose the influencer that fits in with your brand, not one solely based on the highest number of followers. This will help ensure that your brand’s message is being projected accurately. You also want to ensure that the influencer you choose to work with has active engagement with followers so that there is a better chance of increased engagement with your brand.
  1. View negative comments from influencers as an opportunity. This brings your attention to the problems that consumers have with your company and therefore is a great way to learn how to make changes to improve your brand.
  1. Go through a trial period with influencers before starting to work together on a regular basis. This will help ensure that the audience will respond to what your brand is promoting. As mentioned above, if you choose the right influencer to work with, it will be less stressful when it comes time to letting them take control of how your brand is promoted.


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