Working with clients can be rewarding but it can also be very challenging. Mike Trigg explains in a recent post on that as a client himself, he understands that they can be indecisive, demanding and unreasonable. Here are six tips on how to effectively manage clients to ensure the happiness of both the client and the business.

1.You are the expert.

Clients can be wrong and it’s important to provide your client guidance when they are. Ensure opinions and directives are separate. Often, a client may have a belief that is stemming from a personal opinion. If you the expert know that they are incorrect, thoroughly explain why they should take your advice.

2.Let the client know that they have been heard.

It’s important that your client feels respected and that their demands have been heard. Therefore, it is important to let your client finish voicing their opinions before your provide feedback. At the end of the conversation, make sure that you recap what has been said. This will let them know that they have been heard but also ensure that both you and the client have a clear understanding of what has been discussed

3.Encourage your client to focus on the direction of the project.

When discussing a project with a client, stay away from open-ended questions like “what do you think?” This often starts a conversation focused on details versus ensuring the project is on the right track. Instead, tell the client why they should be excited about the project and ask whether or not the project is meeting the objectives.

4.Discover why the client needs you.

Do your research when helping a client with a project. When you understand why the client needs help, it will allow you to produce better work.

5.Have regular meetings.

Having a weekly scheduled meeting can help reduce stress for both the business and client. It reduces the amount of time people spend tracking each other down. At each meeting, recap what happened at the previous one, discuss what progress has been made on the project and explain what the next steps are.

6.Get final approval early

Ensure that the person responsible for providing final approval is happy with a project in its initial stages and at key stages along the way. This will reduce the chances of having to redo work.

These tips are sure to help create a positive experience for both businesses and clients. Check out the full article at




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