Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined as the actions that companies take that allow them to operate in an economic, social, and environmentally sustainable manner. It is a value that consumers are increasingly looking to in order to form an opinion on a brand. Not only are people more willing to give their business to socially responsible brands, there is also a higher demand to work for them.

Here are five tips for business looking to adopt CSR practices.

1.Stand for causes that relate to your brand.

This helps ensure that your business’s social impact will be both meaningful to your consumers but also to your brand itself.

2.Research the impact of your CSR efforts.

Ask whether or not your efforts will displace existing infrastructures or industries in the community that you’re giving back to. Also, look at whether or not your CSR efforts will generate any public backlash.

3.Don’t just do good, be good.

Intertwine your brands purpose with it’s CSR mission for greater positive social impact.

4.Get consumers involved.

When consumers are involved in CSR efforts, it creates a greater social impact and a greater impression with consumers.

5.Be genuine and thoughtful in your efforts.

Consumers are increasingly relating a brands value and likeability to it’s social conscious. Businesses need to ensure they follow through with claims of being socially responsible. It’s more effective for brands to quietly promote their CSR efforts. If a business is effectively engaging in CSR practices, consumers will do the promoting. They are quick to discuss opinions both online and person-to-person. Consumers become brand advocates.

By encompassing CSR efforts that fit in well with your brand’s values, your business will become both successful and a force for good.

For more on this topic check out The American Marketing Association.

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