It’s important to remember that online consumers are still real people. Creating genuine connections can be the difference between whether or not a consumer becomes a repeat customer. Here are five tips to help businesses retain customers through social media.

1.Create personable interactions.

When consumers feel like they are being engaged with, they are more likely to become repeat customers. Interact with online customers the same way you would in person. Make them feel connected, appreciated and valued.

2.Keep in touch.

Keep in touch with customers by retweeting, liking and responding to comments. This type of engagement creates a two-way interaction with consumers.

3.Maintain a fast response time.

Failing to respond to a message or requests will often result in a lost customer. Set a goal to always responding to consumers within a few hours. It is also important to ensure responses are personalized and do not seem generic.

4.Ask for feedback.

Ask customers for feedback. Not only is it another way to establish a conversation, it also provides a business with a great way to evaluate its operations.

5.Share successes.

Inform customers when your business has been successful. This is another great way to establish relationships with consumers but it also allows them celebrate the success with you.

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