Did you know that 33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line? So if you’ve ever wondered whether or not to put effort into creating a catchy subject line, the answer is yes! Here are 10 tips to help you create some interesting subject lines.

1. An eye-catching subject line doesn’t have to be long.

A good general rule is to make your subject line 50 characters or less. This will help ensure that those who quickly scan through their emails will actually read the entire subject line

2. Ensure your subject line has a personalized touch!

Using a name or location in the subject line creates a feeling of rapport. A personalized subject line has a higher “click through” rate than those that are not. Another great way to personalize a subject line is to use location, an example being a subject line offering location-specific offers. If you’re worried about being too personalized, simply using “you” or “your” will help add a little personalized touch.

3. Create industry lists.

When sending out an email blast, it’s important to only send a recipient emails that are relevant to them. You probably don’t want to send a man an email that’s listing all of the top dress shops in his area. Instead, learn about what consumers have visited your site. You can learn this by looking at what they have viewed or by looking at what forms they have filled out. You then want to put them into categorized lists so you can ensure you are sending them relevant emails.

4. Tell the recipient what’s inside.

If you are sending an eBook or an offer that has been downloaded, it’s a good idea to use a subject line like “your new eBook has arrived!” This subject is eye catching and inspires action.

5. Good timing can make a big difference!

Sending emails that are relevant to the time make a big impact on whether or not it gets opened. If you send an email about healthy breakfast ideas first thing in the morning, it is much more likely to be opened than if it was sent in the evening.

6. Use action-oriented verbs.

Your goal here is to inspire recipients to click on the email. An email subject line like “Create and enjoy a meal with Chef Rob Feenie!” is exciting and enticing.

7. Make the recipient feel exclusive.

Use subject lines like “private invite” or “my gift to you” makes people feel like they are on the inside. It provides them with a sense of belonging that often helps encourage them to open their emails.

8. Create a sense of urgency.

Creating a sense of urgency can produce a 22% higher open rate. Using deadlines, like “today only” or “24-hour offer” will motivate the recipient to act now versus wait later to open the email.

9. Include data and numbers.

Using numbers helps jazz up your subject line and demonstrates a clear and straightforward message about your offer.

10. Ask questions!

Ask a question that would be relevant to the recipient. This helps encourage email clicks in order to retrieve the answer. A subject line like “do you know what mistakes you are making on social media?” is bound to attract more clicks as the reader will want to ensure they are not making these mistakes.

Now that you know that an email’s subject line does impact whether or not it gets opened, use these tips to create subject lines that will stand out. Don’t put all of the effort into creating great email content unless you’re going to ensure that the recipient is actually going to want to open it.


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