Customers respond to products based on how they feel, both digitally and in reality. Therefore, it’s important as a business to ensure that your products are marketed with this in mind. When a consumer has a positive tactile experience with your brand, they relate this to high value, durability and functionality of your goods. The following 5 qualities all combine to create an overall tactile experience for consumers.


Shape can have a big impact on how consumers remember your brand. When you market a unique shape and emphasize it, consumers will start to associate your brand with that shape. A good example is Coca-Cola. When most people see a pop bottle they often think of Coke. The shape of the bottle also triggers the feelings of how the bottle fits in your hand.


Dependent on the industry you are in, the way a product feels to the touch can be an important part of its marketability. If you are a clothing designer, you can appeal to consumers with the softness of the clothing or the type of material it’s made of. Describe the product so that consumers can develop a clear mental picture of what it feels like. Providing high quality photographs is another great way to help create the feeling of the product.


The heaviness of an item is often associated with its durability, quality and strength. An example could be with cutlery. Heavier cutlery is often viewed as being better quality. If you are selling a product where weight is related to value, it’s important to market it in a way that consumers can actually touch the product. If this is not possible, create images that indicated weight.


This is another physical aspect should be taken advantage of dependent on the type of product. Temperature can be an important characteristic to focus on when dealing with some products, examples being winter jackets, breath mints and hot chocolate. With hot chocolate, you could focus on the steam coming up from the cup, which creates the appeal of being cozy and warm on a cold winters day. There are a ton of creative ways to incorporate temperature into your marketing, which can increase the demand for your product.


Finally, if you are involved with products that are malleable, market it! Some makeup is considered to be high quality due to its ability to be molded. Toys that can be manipulated also have a higher value as kids have more fun with them. The best way to market this trait is to provide videos demonstrating the malleability of the product.

All of these traits can make a big impact on the way the audience perceives your product. Again, you only want to focus on tactile techniques that are relevant to what you are marketing. When this is done effectively it will provide an explanation of what you’re selling while also giving consumers an entire tactile experience of what your product offers.

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