As social media grows and evolves, so do the opportunities for businesses to utilize social platforms to communicate with their audience. According to Marketo, 12 users join social media every second. Here are 6 tips to make sure your social media strategy is using current tools and trends.

1. Stay on top of the new and upcoming social media platforms.

Most people are aware of the main social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter but there are many new social media platforms being released. Spend some time researching them and learn how to use them to reach consumers in new ways. Not only will your company be able to effectively use new platforms, you can share these new platforms with consumers.

3. Address negative comments.

According to Marketo, 3.1 billion of the 7.4 billion people in the word use social media. That is a huge audience for businesses to market to. Unlike other marketing platforms like print, TV or radio, social media allows for the company to converse with their consumers and actively engage in conversations to help manage their brand’s image. This is important as consumers are sharing their opinions of businesses online more than ever. If a bad review is posted, it’s important to ensure that it’s addressed quickly in an appropriate manner. Don’t delete the comment. Ensure that you thank the person for raising an issue when appropriate.

3. Connect with social media influencers.

Don’t shy away from sharing other business’ content, especially if they have a large following of a similar audience. If you start engaging with other business influencers this way, they will be more likely to show an interest in and share your product. Identify social media influencers who love and use your brand and start a conversation with them about your brand. If consumers see an influencer they trust supporting your brand, they will likely support your brand too.

4. Create some buzz around your brand.

Offering promotions, contests, and quality content is a great way to create a demand for your product. It’s a good way to start conversations and to get people to share your brand with others.

5. Take advantage of tracking tools!

Make sure you’re tracking social media results. Use Google Analytics to monitor how much traffic your social media sites are sending to your website. You should also take advantage of the tracking tools each individual platform offers. Facebook for example, offers businesses an ‘insights’ tool, which displays each post’s engagement, views, clicks and shares. Twitter offers its own Twitter Analytics program. These are great tools to help learn what posts are producing the most traffic.

6. Create content with your audience in mind.

It’s important to have a clear definition of your target audience. Once that’s been determined, you then want to create content for social media that is going to be an interest to your target audience. Even if your audience is broad, define the personas that you are trying to speak to. You want to ensure that the content has the tone that best fits in with the target audience.

Social media continues to grow and become ever more entwined in consumer’s lives. Understanding how to use these tools to their full potential will allow your brand to significantly increase it’s reach. Stay on top of the latest trends in social media, have a clear idea who you are marketing to, and manage what people are saying about your brand.

Click here for a great downloadable guide to social media marketing.

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