With only 5 days left in the 2016 Summer Olympics, brands are working hard to use the opportunity to engage followers on social media. According to Adweek, Samsung and Coca-Cola are the top 2 performing brands at the 2016 Olympic games.

The top 3 brand sponsors at the Olympics:

  1. Coca-Cola: 13K mentions
  2. Samsung: 11.9K mentions
  3. BRDIGESTONE: 10.4K mentions

Top performing hashtags by brands:

  1. Coca-Cola: #thatsgold
  2. Coca-Cola: #issoéuro (“xxx”)
  3. Nissan: #quemseatreve (“who dares”)

Top performing hashtags related to the Olympics in general:

  1. #rio2016
  2. #Olympics
  3. #futebol
  4. #rio
  5. #riodejaneiro

Although brand sponsors of the games have been producing the most talked about content, there has also been some great marketing content from non-sponsors around the Summer Olympics:


One of the go-to platforms for people to share the latest news at the 2016 Summer Olympics is Twitter. The company decided to create an educational, thought leadership piece that focuses on how brands can capitalize on social media and connect with viewers in fun and meaningful ways during the games. It was a smart move by the company as it encourages brands to use these tips, which means an increase in use of the Twitter platform.


This is a business that helps people find their dream homes developed a clever metaphor to share throughout social media. The metaphor, “finding your dream home can seem like an Olympic sprint – strenuous and daunting,” was transformed into an image of an Olympic sprinter holding a tablet with the brands app featured on it.

DICK’S Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods is using a charitable method to capture the attention of Olympic viewers. The company has committed to donating $1,000 towards youth sports for every gold medal won by USA athletes. To keep the campaign awareness high, the company has been sharing updates on how much money has been raised for youth sports.

It’s interesting to see how brands are incorporating the Olympics into their marketing. There are still 5 days left for brands to capitalize on the 2016 games to boost engagement with followers.

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