You’ve effectively increased traffic to your website using SEO, social media, and content marketing. Great! This means that you’ve successfully started to establish good base relationships with potential customers. You’ve now hit the final stage of the marketing journey where you want to convert potential consumers into paying customers.

The ways in which consumers make purchasing decisions are constantly changing. Therefore, it’s important that your entire marketing and sales team is consistently using the most modern tools and techniques. It’s as equally important that your team operates in a knowledgeable and genuine manner. Consumers are much more likely to give their business to a company that they trust and feel comfortable with.

Here are 6 techniques to help make the sale:

1. Know Your Consumers’ Needs

To achieve success during the last stage of the marketing journey, ensure you know your consumers needs. It’s important to effectively communicate how your products and or services will be an affordable option to meet those needs. When consumers decide to not go through with a purchase, ask them what it is that they are looking for. This will provide you with valuable information can be incorporated into future marketing.

2. Be Real

A consumer can sense when a business is solely interested in a sale or if they are genuinely interested in the happiness of the consumer. Ensure that when talking with potential customers, you highlight that their success and happiness is important, as it is what leads to your business’s success.

3. Make Customer’s Feel Valued

It’s important that consumers feel valued during every part of the marketing journey, especially when deciding whether or not to become a paying customer. Anytime a consumer has contact with your brand, they should feel like they have benefited in some way. This will increase the chances of them using your services in the future. Nothing is more valuable than having a solid, honest relationship with consumers.

4. Know Your Competition

Consumers often do their research and you don’t want to be in a position where they are educating you on what your competitors are doing. Being knowledgeable about other businesses in your industry will allow you to highlight your unique offering. Make a clear point of talking about your unique offering and how it will be a great solution to their business needs.

5. Address and Overcome Objections

Develop a list of potential objections and appropriate responses to help prepare your team for speaking with potential customers. You will be much more likely gain new customers if you can provide strong answers to objections.

6. Summarize the Close

Finish your conversation by summarizing previously agreed-upon points. This helps consumers visualize what they are getting out of the deal and will help them focus on the positive.

Here are some potential closing lines:

“Taking all of your goals and objectives into consideration, I think these two products (or services) would work best for you. Would you like to go with X or Y?”

“When would you like to get started on implementation?”

“You need your solution in place by [date]. Factoring all of the [blank] and [blank], it looks like we will need the contract signed and started by [date] in order to meet your deadline. Can you commit to signing the contract by that date?”

Throughout the marketing process, ensure that your team operates in a genuine manner and always puts the customer’s satisfaction first. Regularly research your competitors to discover ways that you can provide unique offerings to make your business stand out. Finally, use marketing tools like Google Analytics to learn who your consumers are and what their needs are. Use that knowledge during the sales process to educate consumers on why your products will be the best choice to meet their needs and highlight how your business is unique from others in the industry.





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