If you’re in the world of marketing, you’ve probably heard of geofencing. It’s a relatively new location-based mobile technology that allows marketers to target people in specific geographic areas. It works by wrapping a virtual fence around specific locations. Consumers are targeted based on the GPS in their phone. Anytime a person enters a geofence with their mobile device, they will receive your mobile ads or alerts.

6 Advantages of Geofencing Technology

  1. It’s adaptable, meaning you can change the parameter size based on the traffic at the location. For example, a pub might want a larger geofenced area during evening hours than morning hours.
  1. Deals can be hyper-local. Areas surrounding a business can be geofenced in order to encourage walk-in customers. Those that enter geofenced areas will receive special offers or promotions for your business.
  1. It’s a great tool for marketing events. Marketers can geofence all businesses within a city that share the same target audience and advertise upcoming events.
  1. Engage only the most relevant local shoppers who are most likely to become customers.
  1. Gain new business from consumers visiting related businesses; for example, an ice cream shop could target local restaurants encouraging consumers to go for dessert after dinner.
  1. Tailor advertisements during holidays. Promote specific products that are relevant to current holidays and events.

This is an exciting tool that offers a lot of value to marketers. There are an increasing number of businesses, like ReachLocal, that offer geofencing services. Check them out and give geofencing a try. It is a technology that can benefit businesses in all industries.

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