There is so much content uploaded to social media platforms each day that it’s extremely tough to stand out. Optimized content creation is one of the best ways to get noticed.

When you optimize your content, you are providing important data to search engines, like Google, that will affect how visible your content is users’ search results. This is done through the strategic use of keywords and phrases and detailed metadata. Good content that is well optimized should also catch people’s attention and engage your target  audience.

Here are 6 tips to ensure you’re creating optimized content that appeals to your audience.

1. Use Brief Summaries

This is especially true for social media platforms like Twitter. Enticing one-liners that use engaging language, like questions or statistics, tend to work best. Always ask yourself whether or not you would click on what you’re posting.

2. Get the Tone Right

Social media platforms that have traditionally been used for personal purposes, like Facebook and Instagram, are increasingly being used for business. It’s important that marketing messages on more personal platforms blend into status updates from family and friends. In contrast, marketing material posted to more professional platforms, like LinkedIn, should be in a professional tone and related to your industry.

The one thing that marketers should strive for across all social media platforms is engagement. The only thing that will differ is the tone in which the content presented. On some platforms, content should be presented in a relaxed tone and on others it should be professional and informative.

3. Visually Impress

Certain social media platforms are tailored towards the sharing of images. Take advantage of this. Market with strong images that capture attention and tell your story. An increasingly popular form of shared media is animated gifts. These can be shared on most platforms and often receive a high share rate.

4. Create Killer Titles

When producing blog posts, ensure that they have a catchy title that will encourage clicks. According to, only 2 out of 10 will go beyond the title and read the content. The title should sum up what the post is about while capturing attention. Remember that many people skim over content to decide what they actually want to read. You have a matter of seconds to convince users to read your post.

5. Use Hashtags

This is most important for Instagram. Posts on this image-based platform are categorized based on their hashtags. Include trending hashtags to make it easy for non-followers to find your content. Encouraging the use of a customized hashtag is a great way to generate brand awareness and boost your marketing campaign.

6. Choose a Couple of Keywords

Analyze your content and narrow it down to a couple of keywords that consumers are most likely to use. Include these keywords within the blog, within the title and try to use them in your social media content. This will make your content more SEO friendly and help increase the traffic to your website.

Consumers today hold the power. Marketers need to produce content that consumers  want. Using these 6 tips will help ensure that you’re using social media platforms effectively and will help increase the number of clicks, shares and engagement you get from consumers. Always ask yourself, “would I click on this post?” If the answer is no, then you know you need to make some changes. The world of marketing and social media is constantly evolving. It’s important to always evaluate your strategies to ensure your content is effective as possible.  

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