From live streaming to virtual reality, the way consumers view and engage with advertising is forever changed by new technologies – and that’s a trend that’s set to continue. Here are 5 technological advances that are set to change marketing even further in 2017.

1. Live Streaming

Live streaming provides users with the opportunity to share content in real time, and essentially broadcast from anywhere in the world. This is especially valuable for marketers since they can live stream events, which is a great way to engage consumers. Two major social media platforms that have jumped on this bandwagon are Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms let users broadcast live for up to 1 hour.

2. A Mobile World

Once again, 2016 saw an increase in mobile usage. Marketers are now seeing more traffic via mobile than desktop. If businesses want to be successful and reach their audience, their content, ads, and all online experiences need to be mobile friendly. Further, content should have an ‘on the go’ feel as that’s exactly what consumers will be doing while viewing the content.

3. Influencer Marketing

2017 will be the first year in history that digital spending will surpass TV ad spending. Since consumers look to user reviews and content to gain information and form opinions, it makes sense for brands to partner up with social media influencers. Brands will work with these influencers to co-create content that can only be seen via their personal channels. This way, content is viewed as user-generated while brands maintain control over their image.

4. BlockChain

BlockChain is best known for laying the foundation for bitcoin technology, which is a digital online currency. Essentially, BlockChain allows for businesses to operate without the use of banking institutions. It’s been becoming increasingly popular, with 24 countries having invested in the technology for government services. In fact, 10% of GDP is projected to be traded via blockchain technology by 2025-2027. Businesses need to look at what potential impact this could have on their future and plan to adapt as this technology evolves.

5. Immersive Content

Recent developments in virtual reality have started to change the ways in which audiences interact and consume video content on a large scale. It’s no longer an exclusive experience. With VR technology widely available, brands are now focusing on making VR headsets socially acceptable.

It’s a technology that offers so many opportunities for marketers. Consumers can now be transported into customized brand experiences. Once VR headsets become part of everyday life, the way advertising and marketing is conducted will be forever changed to fit this new technology.

So there you have it, the major ways marketing will change in 2017. Not only does this technology provide new and exciting opportunities for marketers, consumers are going to benefit from more engaging content.

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