Why Should You Use Influencer Marketing?

When a business establishes a relationship with a person that has a large social following, this is called Influencer Marketing. These individuals, or influencers, are usually found online and already have a loyal audience of followers. When these influencers promote a product, their followers take their opinion to heart. Today’s consumers trust peer recommendations more than any other form of marketing, which is why brands should be making it a part of their strategy.

  1. 2017 is the first year that millennials make up the majority of the population. This is significant because they have different consumer habits than other generations. They don’t trust advertisements. They vet purchases and brand’s stories more than any other buyers. Influencer marketing is the best way to reach this demographic.
  1. According to Group High, 88% of consumers find online reviews very helpful when making a purchasing decision.
  1. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 33% trust ads.
  1. Developing relationships with consumers takes time, which is why influencer marketing is so beneficial. It builds and fosters strong relationships with established networks that already have trust.

How do you create an influencer marketing strategy?

  1. Like any campaign, the first step is to identify your goals. It’s important to select the right influencer to connect your brand to your target audience. You then want to ensure that these influencers are a good fit to promote your product.
  1. Develop an interesting and engaging message for the influencer. It should be something that their followers actually want to hear and shouldn’t come off as advertising. Ideally, you’ll have an experience for your influencer to share, as it’s the best way to market to followers. It will help your brand stand out amongst the clutter.
  1. Certain social platforms are all about being visual. Equip your influencer with a quality camera to ensure they can share quality content. It’s another great way to get your product to stand out.
  1. Collaborate with your influencer. Allow them to have some say in how they communicate with their followers. This is all about using established relationships that have been built on trust so it’s important your influencer stays true to who they are.


Nothing is more powerful than consumer-to-consumer word of mouth, and this is why Influencer Marketing is so successful. When done correctly, the marketing doesn’t feel like advertising. Influencers associate themselves with a brand or product in a way that is natural and trusted by their followers.

If your influencer is consistent with their content, has unique experiences to share, and stays true to who they are, their followers will take their recommendation of your brand to heart. Consumers are only going to become pickier about who they give their business to and influencer marketing is a great way to help gain their trust and loyalty.

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