Those in marketing know this industry to be demanding and fast paced. Keep up or you’ll be left behind. Clients often need work done yesterday in order to compete with their competition, and that means we, as marketing professionals, must remain one step ahead, always researching and brainstorming new and creative ideas. And while we’re being multi-tasking marketing mavens for our clients, we’re simultaneously trying to show others how great we are so that we continue to gain new client business. But how do we manage this with a workload that’s already at full capacity?

We need to turn our clients into our best promoters. What I mean is this: With our workdays already running at full tilt, we don’t have time to be pitching new potential clients over and over again. Nor is this an efficient use of our time. We are better off focusing on providing excellent customer service to existing clients – so much so that they can’t stop talking to others about how amazing their marketing agency is.

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