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    Upcycling: Not a new cycling trend

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    I only heard the term ‘upcycling’ for the first time yesterday and I love the concept. It goes way beyond the principle of recycling to actually rewriting the economic model – a huge shift, but one which we desperately need.

    I read an article by David Suzuki a few days ago and one line stood out for me and has stayed in my mind.

    Remember the big picture. Spend less time worrying about plastic bags and disposable cups and more time thinking about where you live, energy use in your home, how often and how far you drive (and fly), and what you eat.

    The big picture of upcycling is to eliminate the concept of ‘waste’ as we know it. It supports the process of a circular economy where products and materials are simply transformed, but never thrown away. As our population keeps growing, our waste keeps mounting, our natural resources keep depleting upcycling is really the only sustainable way forward.

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    Why Doing ‘Good’ Matters

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    The rise of the internet and the information age has resulted in consumers becoming more informed than ever before. This new breed of ‘Super-Consumers’ know a lot about the companies they buy from! They know what products are made of, where they come from, and how companies treat the environment and their employees.

    Words like ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ have become part of the common vernacular. The more recent buzzword in the consumer conversation is ‘socially responsible’ or ‘social-driven’ companies.

    In recent years consumers have begun to place more and more importance on how much ‘good’ companies are doing. It has become so important that many consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies that practice socially-responsible operations. It’s even common these days for consumers to boycott brands for social or political views.

    In today’s business climate, it’s important to know what makes a company socially responsible. Here are 4 questions consumer use to size companies up:

    1. Do they promote human rights or diversity?

    2. Are they environmentally friendly?

    3. Do they provide services that will help society as a whole?

    4. Do they have a strong history of charitable contributions and involvement?

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    Happy Earth Day! Our Top 7 Sustainable Practices

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    At kfm, we’re proud to call ourselves an environmentally sustainable agency. We continue to find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Here are 7 ways we have implemented sustainable practices in our daily operations.

    kfm’s Sustainable Practices

    1. Over 75% of our employees bike, walk or take public transit to work. We will also be participating in Bike to Work Week this May.

    2. We use paperless technology whenever possible and only print materials when absolutely necessary.

    3. We recommend remote meetings to reduce unnecessary travel.

    4. We recycle waste materials in our office and on-site at events.

    5. We save energy in our office by turning off the heating, air-conditioning and lights. We turn off computers and printers overnight.

    6. We use tap water and refillable bottles rather than a water cooler.

    7. We reuse materials and repurpose equipment whenever possible.

    Shoutout to our Green Clients!

    We take pride in representing clients that are similarly concerned with environmental sustainability.

    Greenscape Design & Décor
    In addition to their extensive collection of environmentally friendly products, Greenscape donates 100% of their reused products to charities, schools and associations. 75% of their employees use public transport for work, meetings and tasks. They also employ an extensive recycling program for the unique materials they use in their design work. Read more at http://www.greenscapedecor.com/sustainability

    Pedersen’s Event Rentals
    At Pedersen’s, environmental initiatives are happening at all levels within the organization – from simple efforts to reduce energy on a daily basis, to aggressively seeking ways to minimize packaging of goods. In addition to their recycling program, they have a high efficiency dishwasher and laundry system, they use 100% biodegradable plastic bags, and reusable plastic boxes and bins for storing and shipping. See more at http://vancouver.pedersens.com/community/environment

    Empyrean Lighting
    Empyrean is at the forefront of the LED revolution, specializing in design technology that presents an efficient, cost-reducing, green and safe lighting alternative. They also developed a turtle-safe LED lighting series to reduce the fatal effects of artificial light on sea turtle hatchlings. These lights that have been utilized on beaches in Australia where they were ranked in the TOP 100 of Australia’s smartest innovations. Read more at http://anthillonline.com/andromeda-turtle-safe-led-street-lighting-qld-2014-smart-100/

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    Client Spotlight: Pedersen’s Event Rentals

    Pedersen’s Event Rentals is celebrating 65 years of successful business! Since 1949, Pedersen’s has been a pioneer in the industry of event rentals with top-quality products, uncompromising service and environmentally responsible operations.

    Pioneers of the Business

    Pedersen’s innovative spirit inspired them to be the first to introduce many new products to the market that have developed into popular event must-haves. For example; Vancouver’s first Chivari Chair, introduced by Pedersen’s in 1992, is now considered an event staple for many corporate and celebratory events. Pedersen’s also has exclusive rights to many premium products, such as Riedel wineglasses and luxury china.

    A Family Company

    Starting out as a family catering business decades ago, Pedersen’s has now evolved into a trusted event rental company spanning across three major cities – Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria.

    Celebrating 65 Years

    Pedersen’s celebrated their recent 65-year anniversary in top fashion at their new warehouse. The new location, situated along the scenic Fraser River, is perfect to accommodate their growing business and inventory needs.

    The celebratory event showcased a variety of products available to rent from Pedersen’s amble inventory.  The showroom also featured breathtaking floor-to-ceiling arrangements from two local business professionals, Flowerz and Greenscape Design and Decor.

    Guests were treated to an evening of delectable hors d’oeuvres and entrées, mixed lychee cocktails and wine, and a colourful self-serve dessert bar presented by the creative geniuses at Culinary Capers.  Here’s to many more years of success!

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    Client Spotlight: Greenscape Design & Décor

    For the last 20 years, Greenscape Design and Décor has been creating exquisite foliage masterpieces using captivating designs to transform any space.

    Beautiful and Creative Design Solutions

    The design team at Greenscape constructs plant landscapes for both interiors and exteriors, using both real and replica products. They offer a variety of products and services from temporary creations for corporate parties to permanent displays for hotel lobbies. From bold designs to delicate understatements, Greenscape’s décor experts work closely with clients to understand their vision.

    Ask the Experts

    Greenscape offers an endless array of design expertise and décor services to national and international clients, and enjoyscreating beautiful environments for a large repertoire of industries. Their experience includes transforming spaces for hotels, restaurants, businesses, weddings, homes and more.

    Recognizing Excellence

    The team at Greenscape Design and Decor has recently been recognized with a tremendous amount of award recognition for their creative work and stunning results. The award nominations include:

    • Star Award nomination for their annual holiday work at the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver
    • Competing Finalists in two categories for the Event Solution Spotlight Awards
    • Two Reader’s Choice Awards for Favourite Decorator or Design Supplier and Favourite Event Supplier
    • Spirit of the Industry Award
    • Burnaby Board of Trade Business Person of the Year Award presented to the team president and company owner, Corinne Kessel

    For the full press release on their accomplishments, click here.

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    Get Cleaner Teeth and a Cleaner Planet…Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes!

    A Clean Idea™ for a Cleaner Planet! cleanideadental.dom

    The kfm street-team was out on the downtown streets of Vancouver today handing out EcoBrushes™ and EcoFlossers™. The products couldn’t come at a better time, with National Earth Day on April 22nd as well it being National Oral Health Month.

    EcoBrushes™ and EcoFlossers™ are North America’s first biodegradable toothbrushes and flossers.

    The new EcoBrushes™ and EcoFlossers™ are North America’s first biodegradable toothbrushes and flossers made from corn, wheat, tapioca and potatoes which are designed to decompose into organic material.

    Products are available in London Drugs stores throughout Western Canada, and at Shoppers Drug Mart stores nationally. All products are also available online at cleanideadental.com and online retailers like lavishandlime.com and amazon.com.

    For more information, see press release here: North Vancouver company develops North America’s first biodegradable dental products

    Brushing our teeth at the kfm office will never be the same again 🙂

    The kfm street-team loving the EcoBrushes™ and EcoFlossers™!

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    How are you celebrating Earth Day? Come join the kfm team and get a FREE Clean Idea™ EcoBrush

    For so long I have found using one plastic toothbrush after another so wasteful. But now, Locin Industries has created an environmentally friendly toothbrush and flosser! THANK YOU Clean Idea™! The brushes are awesome. We, at kfm, have all now tried them and they are so great…we get cleaner teeth and a cleaner planet! You can find out more here: CLEAN IDEA™

    In celebration of Earth Day, the kfm team is hitting the streets of Vancouver on Thursday, April 21st, with a whole bunch of EcoBrushes and Flossers. We want to share the eco-friendly love (and great products) with you! We’ll be easy to spot in our ‘Clean Idea’ green t-shirts. Come find us to celebrate Earth Day and to get your free toothbrush!

    If you spot us, but didn’t get a chance to say hi, feel free to send us a note on our Facebook page and we’ll make sure to send you out a free toothbrush and flosser. Really, everyone’s got to try them! Facebook/KarranFinlayMarketing

    Hope to see you all Thursday! Happy Earth Day!

    Karran and the kfm Team.

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    Are Sustainable Meeting Standards Important to You?

    ISES Vancouver is hosting a panel discussion on the topic. As an ISES board member, I agreed to be the panel moderator. I haven’t moderated a ton of panels before, so I hope to do a good job – but more importantly, I really hope the audience gets something out of the discussion. The panelists are three local experts doing some pretty incredible things for sustainability awareness. In my opinion, this kind of knowledge is critical for the events industry to keep tabs on and incorporate into daily practices.

    The three panelists are: Shawna McKinley, Director of Sustainability, MeetGreen; Catherine Wong, VP Operations, Vancouver Convention Centre; and Ginny Stratton, Principle of Strategin Solutions.

    The panel discussion comes at a relevant time, as the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) gears up to launch their ‘Sustainability in Event Management’ Standard (ISO 20121) in 2012. The three panelists will discuss how this affects the Vancouver events industry and will share key learnings from their own business positions.

    The event, “NEW Green Meeting Standards; Thinking Beyond the Checklist“, takes place this Thursday, March 17th at the Vancouver Convention Centre (event details here)

    ISES Canada will also be incorporating live tweets into the discussion, so follow along! @ISESVancouver Hope to see you Thursday!

    Karran Finlay

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