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    Celebrating Excellence in Style

    By Karran Finlay, Marketing Director, KFM

    Last month, the KFM team had the opportunity to be part of something great. We participated in the planning and celebration of the BC Chapter of IABC’s (International Association of Business Communicators) 30th Anniversary Celebration.

    Photo Credit: Ballistic Arts Media Studio Inc.

    On Wednesday, May 5th, 150 IABC/BC members arrived at Harrison Galleries, in downtown Vancouver, to raise a glass to the BC Chapter’s successful 30-year history – a history that has garnered the Chapter an international reputation for progressive and professional communication.

    Photo Credit: Ballistic Arts Media Studio Inc.

    The event included a celebratory welcome, an awards ceremony, and an anniversary video produced by some of IABC/BC’s finest. Guests networked, sipped Champagne, and sampled a delicious array of hors d’oeuvres created by Nu Restaurant and Lounge (by C Restaurant). And who can forget the delectable desserts from Butter Baked Goods!

    Photo Credit: Ballistic Arts Media Studio Inc.

    In the role of Event Manager and as one of the event sponsors, KFM had the luxury of working with members of the IABC/BC team in several capacities; As the Event Manager, I worked with the most incredible team of volunteers. The group was made up of current IABC/BC members who volunteered their time to support the momentous occasion. I’ve never worked with such a dedicated, talented and professional group. I was honoured to volunteer my time with such an inspiring group on an exciting and rewarding event. It was also great to work with industry suppliers that we, at KFM, love! Graphic Zoo, DJ Leanne, Upright Decor, and Lavish Liquid – you guys rock.

    Photo Credit: Ballistic Arts Media Studio Inc.

    As one of the event sponsors, KFM was proud to support IABC/BC’s 30th Anniversary Event alongside other reputable brands such as Pink by Yellowglen, Ballistic Arts, Rigamarole, Whistler Water and CNW. We truly value the opportunity to support educational and important industry associations.

    There’s great value in being an IABC/BC member. We network with and learn from the best communicators in the industry. The BC Chapter of IABC is one of 105 chapters worldwide and is the third largest chapter in Canada. If you’re interested in attending future IABC/BC events or if you wish to become a member, visit IABC/BC online.

    Photo Credit: Ballistic Arts Media Studio Inc.

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    Working While Relaxing. It Exists.

    Yes, the comfort of one’s hotel room (when traveling for work) matters a great deal. And my favourite experience to date has been my recent stay at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, BC.

    I was in town on business and wanted to find a place that would let me relax while working…does that exist? Well, yes, as a matter a fact it does. It exists at Laurel Point. From the moment in stepped foot in my hotel room, I loved this place.

    My room looked out on to a beautiful Japanese Garden framed by the Ocean. I fell asleep each night to the peaceful sounds of the garden and to the soothing scent of a complimentary relaxing yuan zhi sleep mist that had been placed by my bedside.

    I felt like I was at the spa every time I entered the bathroom – the soaker tub was equipped with lovely Molton Brown bath gels and a relaxing seamoss stress-relieving hydrosoak. There were samples of Molton brown’s cooling eye cream and moisturizing lip rescue (translation: lip balm). Not only do I love Molton Brown products, but Laurel Point has brilliantly picked intuitive items from the Molton Brown product assortment. This is not just your standard shampoo and conditioner offering…it feels a lot more like a private spa boutique right in your very own hotel room!

    There’s also a brand new fitness facility, a glass enclosed indoor pool with a view of the garden, an award winning restaurant (Aura), and my favorite…in-room spa services. Seriously…I’m not joking. Hotel guests can experience a rejuvenating and healing spa treatment in the privacy and comfort of their own room. It’s awesome.

    They also welcome pets (which is actually very handy for many travelers these days) and they’re the first (and only!) carbon-neutral hotel in British Columbia – which aligns nicely with the sustainability efforts that KFM employs.

    Not only would I recommend this hotel to any business or vacation travelers, but I have complete confidence that planning an event or conference at Laurel Point would be a great experience.

    I didn’t want to leave and I’ll definitely be back.

    p.s. As luck would have it, I just won a $250 gift certificate to the Fairmont’s Willow Stream Spa at the Pacific Rim in Vancouver! I won’t really be able to share how I’d feel if I was staying at the Pacific Rim on business, but I’ll you all know what I think of the spa!


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    Tips For ‘Greening’ Your Events, with a guest contribution by Heather S. Teegarden, CSEP

    I’m delighted to include an incredibly useful green event resource in today’s blog post. KFM’s guest contributor, Heather S. Teegarden, has kindly allowed us to feature her latest guide that outlines “Tips for Greening Your Events“.

    Heather’s guide is a great tool for anyone wishing to green their events, integrate greener business practices into their work, or to simply gain further knowledge in the area of green event management. The guide covers topics such as venue selection, entertainment, decor, and catering and even lists other great green links and resources! This “green tips” guide can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

    Tip For Greening Your Events by Heather S. Teegarden

    Should you wish instead to have this guide emailed to you directly, simply send us an email at KFM.

    Heather S. Teegarden, CSEP


    Heather is a well-known “green” resource as well as a certified event professional based in Seattle, Washington. She has contributed her event expertise and experience towards efforts at the Volunteer Center of Lewis, Mason and Thurston Counties; the Woodland Park Zoo; the University of Washington; the United Way of Snohomish County; the Pacific Science Center; and was also a recent speaker at the CSEME09 (Canadian Special Events and Meetings Expo) in Vancouver. Heather has received industry awards for her proven excellence in the field and is highly regarded for her non-profit organization management.

    Further information on Heather S. Teegarden can be found on her LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn/Heather Smith Teegarden, and those interested in contacting Heather directly may do so at: hteegarden@live.com.


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    Event Planning: Choosing the Right Food for the Mood

    By Karran Finlay

    Whether planning a party, a wedding, or a gala evening, the three most important aspects to get right are – 1) food and beverage, 2) how food and beverage are served (and quantity available) and 3) music. If you get these three things right, you can be sure to have a happy crowd.

    Sounds simple right? Well, it’s not quite that straightforward so I thought I’d start with food and jot down a few tips for choosing the ‘right food for the mood’. I’ll also blog about beverages, service standards and music in the future, so be sure to check back!

    Here it goes…

    Whether planning a big or small event, make sure you source a professional catering service (or work with someone – a chef – who’s used to event catering). Working with someone who understands proper quantities, service standards and preparation can make all the difference. One of my favourite Chefs to work with when I do events in Toronto is Chef Corbin Tomaszeski (I might be biased because he’s also originally from Edmonton, but mostly it’s because he get’s it – and that makes my job a lot easier).

    Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, Holt Renfrew

    BUT, before you confirm your caterer, I suggest you first follow these steps.

    1.) Event Format: Know what event format you want. Is this a cocktail party, a corporate meeting, a wedding or a gala affair? It’s important to pair the food served with the format of the event. For example, during a cocktail party it’s important to serve bite-sized appetizers that can easily be popped in to one’s mouth with one hand while the other hand is holding a glass of wine. It’s surprising how many times I still find myself at an event needing to put down a glass of wine in order to eat a large portioned messy appetizer – it’s awkward and can easily be avoided.

    2.) Size: Yes, size matters. As I mentioned above, bite-sized pieces are usually best for cocktail parties. Guests need to be able to negotiate a glass of wine, a napkin and hors d’oeuvres at the same time – so the smaller the better (within reason). I would also suggest avoiding dips. Some thicker dips are ok, but all are usually messy and a bit awkward at events. A small intimate dinner party with friends allows for more appetizer flexibility (i.e. dips, larger servings that require a small plate, etc.) but at any stand up function, keep the bites small and tidy. Similar rules apply for other types of events and obviously sit down dinners are a whole other set of rules. A few general rules for sit down dinner parties can be found here: Tips on How to Plan a Formal Dinner Party. And although I don’t agree with everything she says, Martha Stewart is certainly a well-known expert so I’ll also include Martha’s tips for planning a dinner party: The Best Laid (Dinner) Plans.

    3.) Food Tasting: Once you have your short list of caters, arrange to do food tastings. Most caterers these days are very open to this. Some may ask for a deposit, but in most cases it’s understood that in order to confirm the right caterer one needs to ensure food quality satisfaction. Food tastings are a great way to test the standards of the catering company and allow a greater understanding of likes and dislikes (what you like and dislike may very well be what your guests think as well!). Ask lots of questions at the tastings – you’re the customer!

    4.) Waste Management: Ask your caterer about their waste management and average event food quantities. It’s important to have a bit more food than you think you need (running out of food is one of the worst event faux pas), but, you also don’t want to end up with too many leftovers (that you end up being charged for!). This is unfortunate for two reasons – one, you just paid more than you needed to, and two, it’s a waste. Ask your caterer for average food quantities from some of their past events – this should give you a good idea to confirm your numbers by. Good caterers will also be able to provide you with great advice for how much to serve for your guest numbers. Also, ask your caterer how they manage food waste. Will they allow you to keep non-perishables for your corporate lunch meeting the next day? Can leftovers be composted? This will save you money and help the environment!

    Once you’ve finished your tastings and have confirmed your caterer, you will next want to discuss food service and presentation (i.e. what trays to use for serving and how many appetizers per tray – tip: don’t have too many per tray). For this blog entry I’m not going to get into the details of these steps but check back as I’ll be writing about this in future!

    It’s also important to send thank you notes to all the caterers you did tastings with to thank them for their time and effort.

    And remember, these are just general tips – there are so many ways to great creative with food and food service! As someone who loves to cook, this is one of my favourite areas of event planning.


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