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    A Simple Explanation of ‘The Internet of Things’

    Internet of Things, Connectivity

    Author Jacob Morgan (most recently of The Future of Work) helps define ‘The Internet of Things’.

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    Evolving to Meet the Needs of your Consumers

    Brand evolution

    Consumer research is an important part of ensuring your company’s offerings remain relevant and in demand. As consumer trends and needs change over time, smart brands will tailor their products and marketing strategies accordingly. Here are two case studies of top brands that are changing to meet the needs of customers and staying on top of the market.

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    Is Instagram Right For You?

    instagramWe continually talk about creating custom content that is right for your company and will speak to your customers in the right way. It doesn’t make sense to spend your time on every platform out there if it is not right for your product or service or if it doesn’t reach the people you want to speak to. Here’s a quick and easy check list to help you determine if Instagram is right for you.

    1. Fasting growing social network

    The platform currently has 75 million daily active users and 400 million active monthly users. It has gained 100 million users in 2015.

    2. Visual-heavy

    All posts are a photo or a short video. You need to consider if your content or products translate visually.

    3. Audience

    It is most influential among millennials (18-35). You need to consider if this is an audience you want to reach. Older audiences are more concentrated on Facebook and Twitter. 

    4. Ad options 

    Instagram has recently created advertising options. Ads are almost indistinguishable from native posts and are as affordable as Google Ads or even cheaper.

    5. Influencers

    One of the most effective ways to advertise through the platform is through top influencers. This can reach more people directly than any traditional ad campaign.

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    The launch of the Charles Viancin US blog

    Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.58.13 PM


    When Charles Viancin approached KFM Inc. to help them launch their US blog, we were thrilled. Already huge fans of the products and the company ethos, it was a dream to help bring their voice to the US market.

    The company

    Charles Viancin has spent the last decade revitalizing the international kitchenware market with fun and functional products that are innovatively designed and responsibly made. His work is lifted straight from the landscapes that surround us all and through his passion, his drive, and creativity he has successfully garnered in a new generation of products that are both reflective and respectful of nature.

    The product

    Charles Viancin is constantly expanding with new products released every year. Lids, bottle stoppers, drink markers, and more come in an astounding array of shapes, sizes, and colors and are all made from environment-friendly silicone. Their unique designs make them essential for containing kitchen messes, keeping food fresh, sealing in heat for hot foods, and keeping cold foods chilled. Durable and flexible, silicone is the perfect material for bringing Charles Viancin’s ideas to life.

    Learn more here.

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    Last Minute DIY Marketing-Inspired Costumes

    We all know that feeling of realizing it’s only a couple days until Halloween and we have left our costume idea to the last minute! Here are a few fun and easy Marketing-inspired costume ideas that are perfect for house parties, office bashes, or going out!

    Instagram Selfie


    This one is pretty easy. It just requires a large print out on sturdy paper or cardboard. Your local printer professionals can help you out!


    SEO Ninja


    The gist of this one is a black outfit and black ski mask with various ‘key words’ taped to you. Swords optional!


    The Dress that Broke the Internet

    Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.21.35 AM

    We recommend picking up an old dress from the thrift store if you don’t want to ruin one of your own. Then some black & blue paint for one side and gold & white on the other will recreate the dress that divided the internet world!


    And finally for our personal favourite….

    Pizza Rat


    This will take a little more effort. You don’t have to go full out on your rat costume. Some ears and a nose will do it. If you don’t have a huge cardboard pizza slice handy, we recommend going for a genuine cheesy slice!

    Happy Halloween!

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    ‘I’m Living Proof’ PSA released!

    Save Your Skin Foundation and KFM Inc. are excited to announce that the new I’m Living Proof public service announcement has been released! It will be running across Canada on Shaw Cable & TV Cogeco networks from now until January 10, 2016. Watch and Spread Hope!

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    Save Your Skin Foundation’s British Columbia Government Reception

    Save Your Skin Foundation’s British Columbia Government Reception

    Save Your Skin Foundation with BC Legislature in Victoria, BC on Sept 28, 2015.

    Save Your Skin Foundation with BC Legislature in Victoria, BC on Sept 28, 2015.

    Save Your Skin Foundation, along with the support of MLA Jane Thornthwaite, welcomed MLAs from the BC Legislative Assembly to a reception and presentation on various new melanoma treatments that have become available in Canada and explained how they are changing the landscape for melanoma patients and increasing survivorship. KFM was very excited to plan and execute this inspiring event.

    With the recent emergence of new treatments, there is now a real hope of survivorship for melanoma patients. Previously, many melanoma patients could only expect a survival rate of 10%. With a variety of new treatments released in recent years, these figures are improving drastically. There is real hope for survivorship.

    Save Your Skin Team

    Kathleen Barnard, President & Founder of Save Your Skin Foundation

    Kathleen Barnard, President & Founder of Save Your Skin Foundation


    Save Your Skin Founder Kathleen Barnard welcomed the MLAs and explained how a collaborative effort is needed to ensure that patients are receiving timely access to the best available care. With these new treatments, and the knowledge that more are coming soon, patients, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and government decision makers all have an important part to play.

    Dr. Vanessa Bernstein, leading oncologist with the BC Cancer Agency, explained the nitty gritty of these new treatments and how they will soon become the standard of care.

    Ocular melanoma surviver and Victoria, BC resident, Nigel Deacon

    Ocular melanoma surviver and Victoria, BC resident, Nigel Deacon

    Melanoma survivor and friend of Save Your Skin, Nigel Deacon, closed the reception with an inspiring word. Nigel is a Victoria resident and was diagnosed with terminal ocular melanoma, but thanks to a trial treatment of a new drug, has been stable for more than two years. This new treatment is the same drug that saved the life of Save Your Skin Founder Kathleen Barnard.

    Thanks to Supporters

    Coming straight from the World Cancer Congress in Vienna, the Save Your Skin team received a helping hand from sponsor Harbour Air who flew us directly from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria in order to be on site, on time.

    The Save Your Skin team was warmly greeted in sunny Victoria by MLA Jane Thornthwaite and treated to a tour of the BC Legislature and a chance to attend the House Question Period.

    Victoria Conference Centre was instrumental in putting together this important reception & presentation.

    Save Your Skin Founder & President Kathleen Barnard with BC MLA Jane Thornthwaite

    Save Your Skin Founder & President Kathleen Barnard with BC MLA Jane Thornthwaite

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    10-Year-Old Vancouver Girl to Perform with Celebrity-Studded Line Up at WE DAY Vancouver


    Local Vancouver singer Capri Everitt will perform alongside celebs including Hedley, Barenaked Ladies and Chris Hadfield at the We Day Vancouver event on October 21, 2015. We Day is a global movement, empowering a generation of young global citizens through an inspirational event and yearlong educational initiatives.

    You can’t buy a ticket to We Day. Admission costs commitment to social change. Capri was invited to perform because she and her family are embarking on the global fundraising mission Around The World In 80 Anthems this fall. Part of We Day’s directive is to put the people who’ve created change on the same stage as celebrities.

    About We Day

    The We movement’s mission is about shifting the focus for youth from “me” to “we” by participating in activities that ignite social change. We Day events and school programs are aimed at engaging youth to make social change in their community.

     About Capri Everitt & Around The World In 80 Anthems

    Starting this fall, Capri Everitt and her family will visit 80 countries around the world in order to raise money for children everywhere who have been affected by war, poverty, climate change or other unfortunate circumstances. Capri will use her voice to raise money for children in need by travelling around the world with her family to 80 countries and singing the national anthem of each country in their respective national languages. All money raised will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages.

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    kfm & Save Your Skin go to the European Cancer Congress in Vienna

    Slider 2

    kfm President Karran Finlay is currently en route to the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria with one of our long-time clients, Save Your Skin Foundation (SYSF). We have been working with SYSF so long they have become a part of our family. 

    We are both grateful and flattered to be accompanying SYSF founder Kathleen Barnard to the 18th European Cancer Congress to offer on-site support and strategic planning. 

    This event will combine the united efforts of all partner organizations to continue positioning multidisciplinarity as the way forward for improving the prevention, diagnoses, treatment and care of cancer patients – placing the patient at the heart of all efforts and discussions. 

    Watch our social media for updates from the conference during this exciting week! 

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    Vancouver Entrepreneur Stepping Forward for Arthritis Awareness Month

    Photo courtesy of moderngearTV

    Photo courtesy of moderngearTV

    When you first meet Tamara Komuniecki you see a friendly, smiling woman.

    When you talk to her, you learn that she has made an amazing life for herself as a successful broadcast journalist, an entrepreneur, owner of Delish General Store, and as a mother.

    What you don’t see is the lifetime of pain she has continued to experience since childhood. She suffers from a disease that is invisible.

    Komuniecki was diagnosed with severe Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) at age 6. Through chronic pain, four joint replacements and many other Arthritis-related surgeries and debilitating inflammatory attacks, Komuniecki has been a fantastic role model for not letting the disease slow her down.

    At this time, during Arthritis Awareness month, Komuniecki is stepping forward to ask others to take action in support of advances in education and care for those affected by the disease. To learn more and donate visit www.arthritis.ca or jointhealth.org.

    Read more about Tamara Komuniecki here.

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