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    Amy’s Top 5 from TEDxVancouver

    kfm’s Marketing Coordinator, Amy Jones, attended TEDxVancouver last week – and she’s sharing her ‘Top 5 Words of Wisdom‘ from some of this year’s presenters.

    TEDx Vancouver 2014 was an amazing showcase of high-level speakers connected to the city, as well as work and performances from local grassroots artists. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, the event theme #TILT encouraged a change of perspective, an uncomfortable challenge that can yield revolutionary progress.

    1. “Step away from the GPS and look out the window!”
    Keith Elwood, Geographer

    Step away from your computer once in a while and look at the world! All the digital data and business models in the world are not necessarily as useful as having a good look at your environment and using your own judgment. Trust in your own common sense.

    2. “We should be proactive, not reactive, with our health.”
    Dr. Terry Pearson, Microbiologist

    In many areas of life and business we tend to be too reactive. Taking extra time and care to understand our own unique situations better means we can put more preventive measures in place that are far more effective than doing damage control. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

    2. “When it comes to stress, ask yourself, will you care in 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years?”
    Lesley Kim, Host of Spectacle in support of Seva Canada

    This is a good lesson for all walks of life. Kim says we all have an amazing amount of resilience inside us that is there to be tapped! When things seem overwhelming, try to see your situation from a wider, more long-term perspective.

    3. “The most important ingredient to happiness is social interaction.”
    Charles Montgomery, Urban Experimentalist and Author of Happy City

    Socially connected people are happier, more resilient and more productive, according to Montgomery. The spaces we inhabit affect our behavior and emotions. Varied, active and lively environments keep us social and interactive while blank, static spaces make us feel anti-social and less happy. Choose your environment wisely.

    4. “Prepare for your sunny day.”
    Jay Demerit, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Captain (retired 2014)

    After graduating college, Demerit failed to get signed to an MLS team. He could have fallen back on his education and changed careers. Instead, he moved to Europe and began approaching professional clubs. Even though the odds were against him, he sacrificed everything but the bare necessities and spent all his spare time training so that when his break finally came, he was ready for it. Your success plan should be at least as strong as your rainy day plan, says Demerit.

    5. “I hate having an idea and not moving on it.”
    Chip Wilson

    Putting ideas into action is what Wilson says he does most these days. He warns people not be bee too swayed on what society says. Identify what is important to you and stick to it. What has been important to him in business is creating a quality product and treating people well.

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