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    Upcycling: Not a new cycling trend

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    I only heard the term ‘upcycling’ for the first time yesterday and I love the concept. It goes way beyond the principle of recycling to actually rewriting the economic model – a huge shift, but one which we desperately need.

    I read an article by David Suzuki a few days ago and one line stood out for me and has stayed in my mind.

    Remember the big picture. Spend less time worrying about plastic bags and disposable cups and more time thinking about where you live, energy use in your home, how often and how far you drive (and fly), and what you eat.

    The big picture of upcycling is to eliminate the concept of ‘waste’ as we know it. It supports the process of a circular economy where products and materials are simply transformed, but never thrown away. As our population keeps growing, our waste keeps mounting, our natural resources keep depleting upcycling is really the only sustainable way forward.

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