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    The launch of the Charles Viancin US blog

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    When Charles Viancin approached KFM Inc. to help them launch their US blog, we were thrilled. Already huge fans of the products and the company ethos, it was a dream to help bring their voice to the US market.

    The company

    Charles Viancin has spent the last decade revitalizing the international kitchenware market with fun and functional products that are innovatively designed and responsibly made. His work is lifted straight from the landscapes that surround us all and through his passion, his drive, and creativity he has successfully garnered in a new generation of products that are both reflective and respectful of nature.

    The product

    Charles Viancin is constantly expanding with new products released every year. Lids, bottle stoppers, drink markers, and more come in an astounding array of shapes, sizes, and colors and are all made from environment-friendly silicone. Their unique designs make them essential for containing kitchen messes, keeping food fresh, sealing in heat for hot foods, and keeping cold foods chilled. Durable and flexible, silicone is the perfect material for bringing Charles Viancin’s ideas to life.

    Learn more here.

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