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    One of the reasons we love our partnership with HubSpot is the ongoing source of information they provide. As a marketing and communications agency, having the latest statistics all wrapped up in one spot is super convenient. So, thanks HubSpot.

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    These Tweets They Are A-Changin’

    Twitter changingTwitter has made a few changes recently. Is it because the platform is about to be 10 years old and feels the need to revamp their services? I don’t know, but I do know it’s beginning to feel a lot like Facebook.

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    Defining Your Target Market


    No matter what you’re selling, you need to understand who you’re selling to. This applies to any type of company or organization – to increase engagement, members, buyers, etc. you need to relate to your audience and to do so you need to know who they are. Who is your audience/customer? Why should they buy your product? What can your company/product/organization offer that no one else can? Here are six steps on how you can identify your target audience.

    1.  Identify the solutions you provide or/or the problems you solve

    The starting point in defining the target market for your proposition is to understand the solutions you provide (or the problems that you solve). Once you have a good idea what these are, you can start to work out who is most likely to have these problems or require these solutions.

    2. Paint a picture of the customer

    Start to list all the different types of customers that have the problems you solve. Once done, you can start to build up a picture of these customers. Group them by location – where do they live, what is their environment like. Then group them by market sector – are they professionals, retired, students, etc.

    Ask yourself other types of relevant questions about these people. Are they married? Are they male or female? Do they play sports? Define them in as many relevant ways as possible.

    3. Who will gain from the value in your offer?

    Ask yourself:

    • To whom will these problems be most troublesome?
    • Who will have the most to lose by not dealing with these issues?

    If you can demonstrate that the cost of NOT sorting out the problems is GREATER than the cost of dealing with them, then your case becomes compelling.

    Remember to take into account aspects like emotional upheaval, stress and the risk to reputation when implementing your solution, as well as a bottom line cost. It is all these factors that make up the value in your offering.

    4. Think about your market

    Today we live in the world of niche. For example, we are no longer prisoners of television schedules or shopping mall buying. We can watch what we want or shop where we want at our convenience from almost anywhere in the world; meaning every person can enjoy a unique viewing experience. The world is our virtual oyster.

    The web is fantastic at delivering personalised products and services, cutting out many of the distribution challenges that previously existed.

    It is these factors that mean it is a more effective strategy to be a big fish in a small pond rather than the other way round. It will be easier to build your reputation and gain referrals. You will also find you get more from your marketing endeavours.

    With the previous knowledge gained, start to segment your market. Choose if you want to work:

    • with particular types of people – high net worth individuals, men, women, students, and so on?
    • in certain geographical locations – Toronto, North Vancouver, Canada, San Francisco, Boston and so on?
    • around tight market sectors – professionals, doctors, athletes and so on?

    5. Look internally at your company

    One way of deciding on the right markets to pursue is to think about your company and your business.

    • Do you have particular areas of expertise?
    • What capacity and work load can you currently handle?

    6. What else is available?

    Once you have decided the answers to some of these questions you must look at the market to see what else is available. The question you must have an answer to is:

    • Why am I uniquely placed to solve the problem?
    • What do I offer that no one else can?

    It may be that for some marketplaces there is no answer. However, in certain sectors or geographical locations there may be many competitors offering a similar product or service.

    Once you have all of your answers, it’s useful to create an audience bio – basically a made up persona that has your list of target audience traits. Get to know this person and build your product or service to appeal to her.

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    GoodLife Fitness – Click to Case Study

    GoodLife Fitness engaged kfm to develop marketing and promotional materials that would increase brand awareness and attract key markets. The branded solution package included windmasters, backpack flags, daily strategic street team initiatives, and postcards, as well as print, billboard, and cinema advertisements. Materials developed were also translated into several languages to relate to various markets throughout B.C.


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    Clean Idea Dental Launch – Click to Case Study

    Clean Idea approached kfm to organize and execute street team efforts to launch new eco-friendly dental products to the Vancouver market. Professionally product trained, the street team Brand Ambassadors garnered much media and public attention, creating increased awareness and sales for Clean Idea Dental products.

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    We’ve moved! kfm moves to the historic Seymour Building in downtown Vancouver.

    We’re excited to announce that we’ve moved to a fantastic new location in the historic Seymour Building, located in downtown Vancouver. The building offers greater space for the five person team and is more centrally located for Vancouver clients.

    kfm launched in 2009 and has since been producing successful marketing and event solutions throughout Canada. Our team’s combined industry experience of over twenty years, our strategic project planning, and kfm’s quality of service have been key to our continued success.

    kfm specializes in strategic and environmentally sustainable marketing and event management for luxury brands. We are recognized for our collaborate and resourceful approach; consistently delivering on modern, effective, and thoughtful marketing solutions.

    Our new address is:
    The Seymour Building
    814-525 Seymour Street
    Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 3H7

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    Top Marketing Trends for 2013

    As we review the past year and look ahead to 2013, here are seven top trends predicted by Ryan Caligiuri, Special to The Globe and Mail. He offers some sound advice that’s worth incorporating into your 2013 marketing plans.


    Special to The Globe and Mail
    Published Friday, Dec. 14 2012, 5:00 AM EST
    Last updated Friday, Dec. 14 2012, 9:49 AM EST

    Trend 1: The Minority Report effect

    You know that scene from the movie Minority Report, where Tom Cruise races by billboards that scan his retinas and target him with advertisements based on his personal preferences?

    We may still be some time away from advertising like that, but we’re seeing the early stages, with the emergence of innovations integrating social media, local targeting and mobile devices. This is what marketers are calling “SoLoMo,” and look for more innovations in this trend, and more business-to-consumer companies trying to capitalize on those innovations.

    To paint a picture of what to expect, consider Foursquare, an application closely tied to SoLoMo. Foursquare tells mobile users what companies are nearby and what deals are available. Take that a step further, where users are required to input personal preferences or an app recognizes patterns in behaviour so that when they are near a business that fits their profile, it will push out a notification for a coupon, discount code, special of the day or sale.

    Trend 2: Hijacking the news

    Newsjacking is about figuring out ways to inject your company into breaking news to generate media coverage for your busines, build more awareness and create more credibilty. This requires fast action to create a connection between the story and your company.

    A lawyer client of mine specializing in privacy has been having some newsjacking success. When stories about Google keeping consumer information came out this year, for instance, he reached out to the media to offer his opinion, and has now become recognized as a privacy expert to whom media turned multiple times in 2012 on privacy-related matters. This has done much to raise his profile.

    Trend 3: Video is hot

    Video is hot. According to eMarketer’s 2012 digital media usage report, there will be a steady increase in the number of people viewing video content on computers, tablets and mobile devices in 2013.

    And more and more businesses are cottoning on to using the medium to communicate complex statements in a visually appealing manner.

    Expect more videos coming from businesses that want to communicate information about the company or its products and services.

    This may be a case of the late majority finally coming on board.

    Trend 4: Old marketing is new again

    In a world ever more dominated by social media, many marketers have been snubbing their noses at old-style tactics, such as display ads and direct mail. However, the old is new again. I’m seeing an increase in the number of companies using more traditional forms of marketing to further reach prospects that have engaged with a brand online in a super-targeted manner.

    The key here isn’t to limit the amount of online marketing. It’s to augment the frequency and effect of your message by adding traditional methods to the mix, and focusing in on targeted clients, not the market at large.

    Marketing Materials by Karran Finlay Marketing for Centre A Yellow Signal Exhibit

    Trend 5: The new “king” of marketing

    Content has been king for so long, but look for 2013 to usher in the reign of “context.”

    Content is still vital, but it’s the context in which it is presented that is now of utmost importance. This is a natural evolution of content and only makes sense as our world demands less waste and more targeted communications.

    When I say context, I mean creating content tailored for a specific audience. So, for instance, if you sell consulting services to healthcare companies, don’t just talk about your consulting services, customize it to health care and specific problems you can resolve.

    The market is demanding tailored communications that talk to their problems, their industry, their company and how your product or service will benefit their business. Remember that when creating blog posts, presentations and webinars.

    Trend 6: Content that encourages action

    Even when content is created with context in mind, it still needs to go further to get prospects into their marketing funnel.

    To help that, businesses are increasingly grasping the benefits of adding “calls to action” to their marketing materials. It’s the bridge that connects content to action, and a way to get information from prospects and target them more effectively in future campaigns.

    Look for more calls to action in all sorts of content in 2013, from blog posts and white papers to articles and case studies.

    Trend 7: Go agile or go home

    Building out marketing programs from start to finish without any flexibility to make changes in the middle is something small businesses are realizing is inefficient, and needs to go.

    When creating marketing programs, companies need to test concepts and approaches, measure the results, adjust and relaunch. Small businesses are talking more about “agile” marketing because it gives them greater control and insight into their programs if they execute in this fashion.

    As agile marketing becomes more prevalent, we will see more small businesses develop marketing programs in stages, as a way to keep costs down, increase speed to market and gather better insight into the performance of the program before it is completely rolled out.

    These seven trends have the power to reshape how you perform marketing functions in 2013. What do you plan to implement in the coming year?

    Special to The Globe and Mail

    Ryan Caligiuri is the founder of Ryan Caligiuri International, a growth consultancy focused on developing programs that generate credibility, competitive advantages, leads/demand and new revenue streams for small to medium sized enterprises. Mr. Caligiuri is also the founder of The Growth Network a mentoring program that teaches entrepreneurs and marketers best practices, frameworks and strategies to become business growth generators.

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    Spring Edition Newsletter: Two Years, Two Events, And One Lucky Winner!

    Not yet on kfm’s newsletter subscriber list? That’s o.k., we’ve included a copy below. Plus, you can also sign up anytime on through our website.

    Spring 2011 Newsletter: Two Years, Two Events, And One Lucky Winner!

    A letter of thanks –

    Before we share this season’s exciting news, I want to personally thank each of you for your support over the past two years. kfm was launched in May 2009 and to say ‘time has flown by’ would be an understatement. Our starting team of two has grown to five, and we have a national roster of the coolest clients anyone could wish for. All of you have played a part in making kfm’s first two years a success and I can’t thank you enough!

    – kf

    Welcome to spring!

    With so much awesomeness going on right now, we didn’t have the space to share all that we wanted to – but we’ve chosen a few highlights that we’re pretty excited about, and we think you will be too!

    First Up – We’ve Launched Our New Website!

    A much anticipated event around the kfm office, we’re thrilled to share the new site and hope it will bring you hours of entertainment and joy (kidding), but we do hope you like it as much as we do! karranfinlaymarketing.com

    Peter Kent Handbags – Montreal Launch

    Looking for a new spring handbag? This collection is absolutely gorgeous. And we’re not just saying that because the company is so lovely to work with. Our relationship with this brand began in March, when we assisted with their Montreal launch. The handbags are now flying out the door at JoshuaDAVID, where Peter Kent is carried exclusively in Montreal. The handbags can be purchased throughout Canada in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Montreal. peterkentcanada.com

    Save The Skin You’re In™ – It Might Just Save Your Life

    Some of the most rewarding work we do is with non-profit organizations. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of something that helps others. With May being International Melanoma Awareness Month, we thought it timely to share news of two upcoming melanoma related events. If you’re in Vancouver this June, we hope you’ll join us in our efforts to increase awareness and funds in support of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. Email Marion at mperole@karranfinlaymarketing.com for information or register here saveyourskin/eventbrite.

    The Information You’ve Been Waiting For – How Do I Win??

    In celebration of kfm’s two year mark, we’d like to give a little back as a thank you to those who helped get us here. It’s our way of saying ‘we really truly appreciate everyone’s support and loyalty, and we’re super excited for the successful years to come!’. So here’s the scoop – we’re giving one lucky winner a choice between two kfmPowerTools™! What’s a ‘kfmPowerTool’? These are items that give you power! Each ‘tool’ represents and item or initiative that we feel positively influences your personal brand. This season’s picks are…drum roll please…

    - Click Image to See Details -

    We’re also celebrating our two years by giving back in a way everyone can feel good about. kfm will be donating $2,222 in marketing services to the two non-profits we work with; Communities for Kids and the Save Your Skin Foundation. Initiatives related to this gift will roll out in 2012 – we’ll keep you all posted! communitiesforkids.ca | saveyourskin.ca

    Other Notables (click the icons for more information)

    Spring Fun! Let’s Roll! Babybot’s got the inside track on the coolest planes, trains and automobiles. Take them for a test drive.


    May 14th, 2011: Culinary Gala with Food Network’s Chef David Adjey

    May 26th, 2011: The Spectacular! Part-Tease At The Pavilion. Hosted by ISES Vancouver.


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